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Rate Sheet

Standard Terms: we require 50% payment in advance to begin - no exceptions. The remaining 50% final payment is expected before delivery of the final product. Two rounds of changes/fixes are included, after which the full daily work rate will be applied. 30 days net payment unless negotiated otherwise. Compound late payment interest of 5% will be applied to all balances outstanding after 60 days.

Standard Labor Rate

The standard labor rate for most services is $120.00/hour with a two hour minimum. Hourly billing is rare.  Studio rental and equipment rental rates may apply. Contact us for a quote. A competitive flat fee can often be negotiated.


Special Effects Sound Design

Special Effects Sound Design is $1200.00/day. A flat rate can often be negotiated.

Film Scoring & Creative Music Services

Film scoring and other music composition, music arrangement and orchestration, music supervision, music remix, music compilation – please contact us for quotes on these specialty services.

Music Production & Song Development

Album pre-production planning, music production/programming, song development, recording; working 1:1 intensively and creatively with a solo artist or band; artist development – these services are still offered where a significant album budget exists with the client.


Studio Time – Recording Studio Rates

For basic vocal, solo instrument recording, voiceover recording, music production / generic studio time at a rate of $120.00/hour, two-hour minimum, is charged including the engineer. Block rates are available. The compact Pro Tools features a relaxed recording atmosphere. 

Podcast Services Coming Soon!



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