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Image by Drew Patrick Miller

Studio Pricing

Studio Track Production Rate

Professional studio produced music tracks using your studio musician.

Regular Price: $495.00/Song

Temporarily Reduced Special: $450.00/Song (6hour Block)

*Package price covers studio and all related equipment.

*Music track and a finished vocal.

*Package allows for a 2 take scratch vocal during production.

Studio Hourly Rate

  • Our studio rate is $75.00/hr.

  • It includes use of the studio, and basic studio equipment.

  • The studio will provide an engineer.

  • We have special pricing for some Studio work.

  • Items such as CD Design Concepts, Multi-track Recorder Fees, Studio Musician Fees, etc. will be extra.

Standard Terms

We require 50% payment in advance to begin - no exceptions. The remaining 50% final payment is expected before delivery of the final product. Two rounds of changes/fixes are included, after which the full daily work rate will be applied. Contact us at

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